5 measures to protect UAE residents from Corona


5 measures to protect UAE residents from Corona

5 measures to protect UAE residents from Corona
5 measures to protect UAE residents from Corona

The World Health Organization commended the efficiency of the health system in the UAE, and its success in dealing with the spread of the new Corona virus.

The UAE implemented a proactive system to confront the emerging Corona virus, prevent its spread, detect early cases, and implement quarantine and sanitary isolation programs, based on five main measures that limited the spread of the virus and reduced its risk to public health. The measures that were implemented included five main measures that included activating early warning systems for health cases, preparing qualified medical teams working around the clock, strengthening the medical supplies store, and covering health insurance to check and treat the Corona virus for all insured and uninsured people, and emphasizing the importance of Travel side, activating thermal detection systems in air, sea and land ports, gathering centers and shopping centers, activating the sterilization system in public places and transportation daily, suspending the work of nurseries, schools and universities, applying the distance education system, in addition to intensifying awareness campaigns, and providing free call numbers for awareness and answer the questions, because the community's health and safety is a top priority.

The measures of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection included applying the epidemiological investigation system with high efficiency, taking precautionary and preventive measures to confront the virus and closely following the current situation, especially with the increase in the number of cases in other countries, and having a strategic stock of essential medical supplies necessary for advanced examination to detect the Corona virus, also applying medical isolation and provision of isolation rooms equipped in a way that ensures that viruses are not transmitted to the surrounding areas, the application of quarantine as a preventive measure and universally followed according to the instructions of the World Health Organization, also a preparation of specialized medical teams up to 700 people working in the same shift everyday, while call centers in the health authorities were allocated around the clock to investigate and follow-up.

The Ministry called within its measures to avoid travel, and in the event of travel, preventive measures are taken upon return from outside the country according to the discretion of the competent authorities represented by medical checks at the airport, and then to be kept in the domestic quarantine until the traveler is assured of safety, and in case the person is affected by the virus, sanitary procedures are applied in health facilities, to ensure its safety and avoid contact with others.

While the preventive measures included the Ministry of Education to suspend temporary nurseries work to protect children, given the possibility of not tolerating the impact of the materials used within the current strict hygiene procedures, the provision of spring leave, the suspension of studies and the application of the distance education system in all state schools and universities, and obligating all schools to raise the efficiency of hygiene And imposing regular cleaning and disinfection procedures, sterilizing more than 620 buildings and schools, as well as 6000 school buses, organizing more than 700 monitoring visits to the school sectors and schools to ensure the safety of their environment, and training 508 school administrators in the systems supporting the initiative, along with more than 4950 training bus drivers and supervisors in the 5171 school buses to deal with any emergency, and the application of precautionary measures and preventive, more than 667 nurses and training in schools on how to deal with suspected cases.

The Ministry also obligated, within its precautionary measures, students and workers in all educational facilities (governmental and private), who come from traveling from outside the country, to conduct the necessary medical examination, and adhere to a home quarantine period of 14 days, to ensure that they are free of disease, as they will not be allowed to enter the facilities Educational before that.

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection affirmed its ability to deal with any possible repercussions for confronting the emerging corona virus, and that it has a strong system of epidemiological investigation and immediate response and control measures, which contributes to maintaining health security, ensuring community safety, and controlling diseases in accordance with the protocols and practices approved by an organization Global health.

The Ministry stressed that the UAE’s handling of cases infected with the emerging coronavirus until its recovery reflects the strength of the health system in the country, thanks to the support given by the leadership of the state to this sector, and the keenness to provide the highest levels of health care, whether for citizens, residents or visitors to the country, noting Dealing with the cases infected with the emerging coronavirus is carried out according to the highest applicable health standards, where they are placed under observation and medical care that conforms to the standards of the World Health Organization for people with symptoms of this virus, and follow their situation closely, until they fully recover from the disease.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education pointed to the exploitation of the disruption of schools for a period of four weeks in carrying out continuous cleansing and cleaning operations, taking into account all other considerations that ensure the provision of an ideal and healthy educational environment.

Precautionary measures

- Activating early warning systems, equipping qualified medical teams, enhancing the medical supplies store, and covering health insurance for examination and treatment.

- Emphasizing the importance of avoiding travel and activating thermal detection systems in air, sea and land ports, also Malls and shopping centers.

- Activating sterilization system in public places and transportation daily.

- Suspending the work of nurseries, schools and universities, and applying the distance education system.

- Increase awareness campaigns, and provide free call numbers to raise awareness and answer questions.


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