9 advices from Italy about Coronavirus... Check them out


9 advices from Italy about Coronavirus... Check them out

9 advices from Italy about Coronavirus... Check them out
9 advices from Italy about Coronavirus... Check them out

Thousands of citizens and residents in the UAE exchanged a message on WhatsApp, titled "A Message from Italy", which says: 
"Peace for everyone, we live in Italy - Milan, I will participate and explain to you, how life is going on here in Milan, During these difficult days, and how do I think you should learn from the mistakes that we did, and their consequences happening now.

We are currently in quarantine. We do not go out onto the streets, the police are in constant motion and arrest anyone outside his home, everything is closed, businesses, shopping malls, stores, all streets without movement, it is the feeling of the end of the world, Italy is a country of living life that transformed from moment to another into a dead country, it is a fact that I never once thought I would live, people are confused, sad, anxious and powerless, and they often do not understand how this reality was imposed on them, and when this whole nightmare will end.

The big mistake was when people, at the time of the first case, people continue to run their lives as usual, and went to the streets for work, all happy and entertained as if it was a holiday period, there was so many gatherings with friends, everyone was wrong, and so were you, therefore now I beg you, be careful, it is not a laugh or a joke, but in order to protect your loved ones, your parents, and your grandparents from a disease that is dangerous for them, here every day 200 people die, not because medics in Milan are not good (it is one of the best in the world), but it's because there's no places for everyone .

Doctors choose who will die, just because of the silliness of the citizens at first and who decided to continue their lives as usual regardless of the new situation, please, learn from the mistakes we did, we are a small country that could end up with a great tragedy.

The letter ended with nine tips for preventing the virus, which included "Do not go out into crowded places, try not to eat in public places, stay longer at home during this period, listen to the Ministry of Health guidelines (do not play a hero!), Talk about a meter away from Everyone, do not come close, do not hug or shake hands, get complementary and preventive treatment and learn from the mistakes of others, we recommend that you take vitamin C to boost your immune system, help specialists prevent the spread of the epidemic.

The letter stated that in Italy, the whole country is isolated, meaning 60 million people in quarantine, this would have been prevented if people had listened to the instructions from the beginning.


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