March in Dubai.. festivals and sports in the arms of nature


March in Dubai.. festivals and sports in the arms of nature

March in Dubai.. festivals and sports in the arms of nature
March in Dubai.. festivals and sports in the arms of nature
Dubai is characterized by many events, activities and festivals, which annually attracts millions of visitors. Specifically, next March, the government games championship, which aims to stimulate cooperation and spread the spirit of solidarity, will be launched within a team of government employees. In 2018, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, launched this tournament, with the aim of enhancing the sporting role in Dubai, where participating teams compete to pass various obstacles inside a stadium that was specially prepared for the championship in «Kite Beach ».

Technical Railway

In March, Sikka Art 2020 will be held, one of the initiatives of the Dubai Culture Authority, to celebrate 10 years of creativity and inspiration, and highlight regional creative talents. The exhibition includes a diverse program of activities that include art galleries, models, live performances of musicians, films, interactive workshops, and many more.

Art Dubai

"Art Dubai" returns the region's leading art exhibition, with its 13th edition, to serve as a pioneering platform for emerging talent, allowing it to showcase its work alongside the work of well-known artists. This event aims to broaden the circle of dialogue around art beyond traditional arts centers and galleries.

Dubai World Cup

Next month, the Dubai World Cup, the world's richest horse racing, will celebrate its 25th anniversary in March 2020. The value of the prizes in which six teams in the first group, and three teams in the second group, is 35 million dollars (128.4 million dirhams). The Dubai World Cup provides a global experience with the participation of the best horses in the world annually, at Meydan Racecourse.

As for the Hatta Hills Run sporting event, it is characterized by its beautiful natural views. Participants will also be able to explore the villages and the beautiful nature of them, all the way to the Hatta Dam, the blue reservoir waters and the Hajar Mountains. In addition, those who choose to race for a distance of 2.5 km can run within the designated track within the hotel "GA Hatta Fort".

Dubai Boats

The Dubai International Boat Show, the 28th edition of the maritime event, returns to Dubai. This global event showcases the finest luxury yachts and entertainment boats from all over the world, but if you love water sports full of enthusiasm and excitement do not miss the second stage of the Emirates Bicycle Championship organized by the Dubai International Marine Sports Club, enjoy watching the most prominent athletes displaying their skills and abilities To control a jet water bike.

In March, they prepared for the latest edition of the Dubai Fishing Competition, which is held at the Dubai International Marine Sports Club, as this event was added to the series of Dubai Marine events in 2018, and will witness a competition to catch the largest fish and win valuable prizes.


Whether you are a fan of Iron Woman movies, Iron Man or any superhero character in international films, there is no doubt that the Film and Photo Stories exhibition is the best place for you, join the thousands of visitors who wear the fashion of their favorite heroes in the Dubai World Trade Center for three days .


For music lovers, the British star, Catherine Jenkins, who has won the best CD sales for two decades, salutes a special concert in "Dubai Opera", and the Gypsy Kings band from southern France returns to "Dubai Opera" after a successful presentation in 2019, where she presented Finally, a mixture of the finest melodies of "flamenco", "western pop" and Latin rhythms. Or you can enjoy your favorite songs in popular films you liked, with an artistic event hosted by a 515-seat theater aboard "Queen Elizabeth 2".

A play

As for the children's play "The Little Mermaid" in "Queen Elizabeth 2", it centers on the concepts of love, friendship and freedom, and monitors the positions of the dreamy young woman, "Ariel", who spends most of her life in the sea while dreaming of seeing what lies on the beach.


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