Emperion launches a phone supported by “Windows 10 Pro”


Emperion launches a phone supported by “Windows 10 Pro”

The British company Emperion has unveiled its new Nebulus smartphone, which is based on the Windows 10 Pro operating system, while also supporting Android applications. 

The company explained that its smartphone depends on the ARM architecture and the Snapdragon 845 processor from the famous American company Qualcomm, also pointed to the improvement of the system Windows for the phones with the support of Microsoft. 

Emperion also confirmed that it has developed a user interface designed specifically for the small screen.

This is not the first phone that comes out with a Windos operating system, we saw that before with Nokia phones, Microsoft Lumia and Acer, but this is the first time we see Windows 10 Pro on a smartphone.

The question will be, will this phone and this OS be a competitor to IOS and Android?



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