Coronavirus... the latest news and updates around the world


Coronavirus... the latest news and updates around the world

Coronavirus... the latest news and updates around the world
Coronavirus... the latest news and updates around the world

- UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs the accredited ambassadors and consuls about the latest updates related to the precautionary measures of the country to face the Coronavirus

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation held an through a video briefing yesterday, during which it briefed the ambassadors and consuls accredited to the country on the latest developments regarding the precautionary measures being taken in the UAE in light of the crisis of the emerging Corona virus "Covid-19" currently facing the world.

- Jordanian Minister of Health: Six new cases of corona were recorded, including an American tourist coming from Egypt.

- Sri Lanka bans gatherings and announces tomorrow a holiday to control the Coronavirus.

A Sri Lankan police spokesman said on Sunday that public and private gatherings have been banned, and quarantine measures were taken in an attempt to stem the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

-  CoronaVirus: France and Spain announce severe restrictions to curb the spread of the virus

Two of the largest European countries, France and Spain, announced the implementation of strict emergency measures that include a partial closure of the country, after the strict measures taken by Italy to combat the spread of the Coronavirus.

France, with a population of 63.5 million, imposed the closure of all unnecessary public places and recreational facilities, including restaurants and cafes, as of midnight on Sunday.

In Spain, which has a population of 46.7 million people, it has declared a state of emergency, and imposed strict restrictions on the movements of citizens as of Saturday night / Sunday.

This coincided with the announcement that Begona Gomez, the wife of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, was also confirmed to be infected with the virus.

Spain is the second largest outpost of the virus in Europe after Italy, with 191 deaths and 6,046 cases. Italy, which recorded more than 1,440 deaths, announced on Monday the complete closure of the country.

French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said that the number of people in intensive care in France is increasing, and that previous general instructions are being ignored.

The new measures apply to restaurants, cafes, cinemas, nightclubs and recreational facilities, in addition to preventing all unnecessary actions.

Philippe said that this will not affect the basic business, noting that food stores, pharmacies, banks, tobacco stores and gas stations are exempt from the closure.

Philippe also advised people to reduce the movement and travel, especially traveling between cities, and said that this is the best way to reduce the spread of the epidemic is social separation.

Schools will also be closed in France from Monday, until further notice.

France got a remarkable increase in the number of virus infections on Saturday from 3661 cases to 4,499 cases, 12 new deaths were recorded, bringing the total number of deaths to 91.

- The White House reveals Trump's health status.

The White House doctor announced on Saturday that the American president is not infected with the new corona, revealing the result of the medical examination that Donald Trump underwent after being in direct contact with a number of members of a Brazilian delegation who later turned out to be infected with the virus.

"This evening, I received confirmation that the Coronavirus test was negative" said Dr. Sean Conley. 
"A week after having dinner in Mar-a-Lago (in Florida) with the Brazilian delegation, the president does not show any symptoms" he added.

After rejecting the examination of the new coronavirus for so many days, an epidemic that cripples the world and could affect millions of Americans, the American President announced earlier Saturday that he had been tested and he's waiting for the results.

"I was examined yesterday evening" the president said during a press conference at the White House, after he considered Friday that it was not necessary because he had no symptoms.

On Friday, Trump was seen shaking hands with a number of people at a meeting of the Coronavirus team in the United States, contrary to medical recommendations that the handshake should be avoided.

- Lithuania and Manila isolated, and a ban in Estonia and Australia against Coronavirus

On Sunday, the Lithuanian government decided to impose house isolation on all those in the country for two weeks, in an attempt to combat the spread of the new Coronavirus.

According to the cabinet decision, the measures will come into effect starting on Monday, and will include the closure of the country's borders to foreigners.

According to the decisions, all stores, except pharmacies and food stores, must be closed.

Lithuanians will also be prevented from leaving the country under the dismissal decision, as well as foreigners from entering, unless they are long-term residents, diplomats or members of NATO.

Lithuania had recorded 7 confirmed cases of the virus, and the government declared a state of emergency.

In Estonia, the authorities imposed movement restrictions after the number of infected people increased to 115 in order to contain the virus.

The government in Tallinn imposed restrictions on the movement of people between the country's western islands and the mainland, where only residents will be able to reach the islands within the next two weeks.

Sports centers and recreational facilities were closed all over the country.

In the Philippines, the city of Manila began isolating itself on Sunday, in the face of the emerging Coronavirus, applying the measures decided by the government of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Armed police closed the roads leading to the capital of 12 million people, domestic flights to and from Manila were canceled, and public gatherings were banned for a month.

The Philippines recorded 111 cases of the virus, in addition to 8 deaths.



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