8 outdoor hiking destinations in Dubai


8 outdoor hiking destinations in Dubai

8 outdoor hiking destinations in Dubai
8 outdoor hiking destinations in Dubai

There's many things to do in Dubai,
 the open air destinations in Dubai provide a variety of tourism, and recreational activities for its visitors at all times, as it is an ideal place for children to enjoy the most beautiful times, as well as getting to know the wildlife closely, as well as enjoying various types of sports. 
Here are the top eight hiking outdoors in Dubai:

1 La mer

Shop and eat delicacies at La Mer beach special destination, best places to visit in dubai which includes many "boutiques", shopping centers and open spaces that are an ideal place for children to enjoy the best times. And don't miss out on a great shopping experience in a number of stores out there.

2 Al Seef

The trendy Al Seef destination is located next to Dubai Creek, best places to visit in dubai as it combines heritage with modern designs in one place. This destination highlights modern Dubai with its distinctive architectural landmarks, as well as old buildings and neighborhoods that express the ancient past of Dubai. The area also includes a group of shops, "boutiques", "cafes," restaurants, and more.

3 Al Qudra Lakes

The ability lakes are a short drive from the center of Dubai, best places to visit in dubai and are ideal for a family outdoors picnic, where you can see wildlife that includes many animals, such as falcons, eagles, and pink flamingos, among others. Also, don't forget to see antelopes approaching the edge of the lake to drink. If you love bicycles, there are many natural tracks, and bikes are available for rent.

4 Al-Fahidi district

Learn about Dubai's lifestyle in the mid-19th century by visiting the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood, best places to visit in dubai. This area along the Dubai Creek is a major heritage site in the city, and traditional stone and wood wind towers are an important part of the history of Al Fahidi district. Every path and path in this neighborhood tells a lot of stories. Social life, commerce and culture were all notable things during that historical period.

5 «The Beach»

If you like to stroll along the beach while shopping, best places to visit in dubai, The Beach overlooking the Jumeirah Beach Residence offers a range of cafes and shops. Every day of winter, the outdoor market hosts food stalls, jewelry, accessories and unique pieces. The «The Beach» is an outdoor complex that includes shops, cafes, restaurants and public facilities near the beach. All cafes and restaurants feature external balconies overlooking the white sand and blue sea.

6 «City Walk»

The city's unmarked commercial neighborhood "City Walk" is located between the center of Dubai and the "Jumeirah Beach", best places to visit in dubai, and includes a cinema and street designed in the style of London buildings, and many large cafes, in addition to retail stores. Its interior includes a wide variety of products from prestigious designers, as well as modern designs for two stores roaming the theme park, and contemplating the murals drawn by international artists.

7 «Box Park»

Box Park is a cultural destination in the heart of Dubai, with a youthful spirit, best places to visit in dubai, and a new concept for contemporary lifestyle, as it is behind the façades of its stores and restaurants. Box Park includes a vibrant atmosphere behind the facades of these containers, and it reflects a distinctive image of Dubai. BoxPark offers a wide range of shopping experiences and carefully selected restaurant options from around the world.

8 «Kite Beach»

Kite Beach is a popular destination for Dubai residents, best places to visit in dubai, and it is preferred by water skiing, beach volleyball, kayaking and kayaking. There is an abundant array of non-water activities, including a skating rink and a trampoline in The open air and garden are ideal for children, and several restaurants on the beach.

Those were some of the most famous and best places to visit in Dubai, but there's more destinations left for you to discover, including Theme Parks in Dubai, Restaurants in Dubai, Hotels in Dubai, Events in Dubai and much more, we will provide you with more informations in further posts.


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