European Cup postponed to 2021 due to Coronavirus


European Cup postponed to 2021 due to Coronavirus

European Cup postponed to 2021 due to Corona virus
European Cup postponed to 2021 due to Corona virus

The European Football Association (UEFA) announced on Tuesday the postponement of the European Cup finals that were scheduled for next June and July, to the year 2021, following an emergency meeting to discuss the fate of its competitions in light of the outbreak of the new Coronavirus.

In a statement, the federation suggested that the tournament hosted by 12 cities across the continent be held between June 11 and July 11, 2021, instead of the date originally scheduled between June 12 and July 12, 2020, explaining that this postponement would allow European national championships to resume, after the competitions were suspended due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus "Covid-19".

The Federation confirmed the suspension of the two club competitions, that is, the Champions League and the European League, and all other continental matches, official or friendly, clubs or teams for men and women, until further notice.

As for the matches of the continental supplement, which were to decide the identity of the remaining four European Cup teams (out of 24), which were scheduled in late March, an initial date was set for them during the international stoppage period next June. Assessment of the situation. 

"We are at the head of a sport that a large number of people live and breathe, but it has retreated in the face of this invisible and fast-moving opponent" Alexander Chevron said, Wifa president,  as referring to the Coronavirus "Covid-19", which has become a global epidemic. From seven thousand people until Tuesday morning, paralysis was almost completely imposed on sports around the world.

"In times like these, the football community must show responsibility, unity, solidarity (...) The health of fans, employees and players should be our priority, and within this spirit, Wifa has set a series of options to be able to finish competitions this season safely , And I am proud of the responses of my colleagues along European football."

The decision came on the sidelines of an emergency meeting held by the Federation on Tuesday via video calling technology with representatives of various stakeholders in the game on the continent, to discuss the fate of the club competitions (Champions League and Europa League) and the European Cup.

Weva found himself in front of a very complicated options fan, given that any decision regarding the remainder of the current season or related to the coming season will be linked to many factors intertwining locally and continental, and needs to be studied from various aspects, including health, organizational, financial, contractual and others.

The postponement of the European Championship raises questions regarding the inconsistency of the schedule, given that the summer of 2021 will witness the establishment of the first edition of the Club World Cup in its new form, which is organized by the International Federation (FIFA) in China with the participation of 24 clubs.

The tournament is expected to take place between June and July 2021.

The European decision coincided with the announcement by the Confederation of South America that the Copa America, which was scheduled in the same time period for the European Cup 2020, will be postponed until next year, due to the new Corona virus.



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