Twitter activates the “Hide Tweet” feature


Twitter activates the “Hide Tweet” feature

Twitter activates the “Hide Tweet” feature
Twitter activates the “Hide Tweet” feature

The social media site "Twitter" has opened the new feature "Hide Tweet" in front of the site's application sector, allowing the development of additional tools that help users to hide responses to their tweets faster and more effectively.

The site «Twitter» launched this feature last November for users all over the world, with the aim of reducing the ability of intruders to spoil conversations between users via Twitter, as it allows the user to control the way in which the responses he sends appear in response to his tweet.

The new feature allows clicking on the "Share" button on "Twitter" and choosing "Hide Tweet" to close responses. In this case other users should click to see the replies to the tweet, instead of seeing it automatically.

According to the TechCrunch website, which specializes in technology issues, this type of tool is expected to be developed after opening the “Hide Tweet” feature to developers. 

It will be especially important for companies and brands that have official accounts on Twitter.



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