A website to make extra cash while staying home during the Coronavirus Pandemic


A website to make extra cash while staying home during the Coronavirus Pandemic

A website to make extra cash while staying home during the coronavirus pandemic
A website to make extra cash while staying home during the Coronavirus pandemic

Due to Coronavirus, many people are forced to stay home, some do work from home, but some are just sitting in it bored, watching Netflix, Disney+ or YouTube, Playing Call Of Duty MW, Pubg or Mobile Legends, trying to find something beneficial to do but they nothing found, some of them start to ask is there's a way to do something fun and beneficial online? And also can I make money online? What they don't know is that there's many ways to make their free time more valuable, so many, one of these ways is the one we brought to you today, it's fun, it's legit, and most importantly it's beneficial, and YES, you can make real money online, from your laptop or phone.

How to make money Online?

As we said, there's so many ways, hard and easy ones, today we brought to you the easiest, introducing Idle Empire, a website that makes you get rewarded with gift cards from over 100 brands (including: Paypal, Amazon, Steam, Payeer, Xbox, Playstation, Googl Play, Spotify, League Of Legends, Netflix, Ebay, Skype, iTunes...), by just answer paid market research surveys, mining, inviting friends, playing games or watching videos, isn't easy?

How does it work?

After you register on the website, which you can easily do it by clicking HERE (You will get a special bonus gifted by Viral UAE), you will be redirected in a page that looks like the image bellow, you can from it choose how you wanna start earning money, if you have a good computer or a laptop we recommend that you start by mining, it works by itself and will get you good money without doing anything, you can later on transfer that money to cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litcoin, Ethereum..., or just take it as gift cards, or take it as skins in several games (CS:Go, Fortnite...)

If you don't want mining, you can can complete tasks and offers, watch videos, answer daily surveys or invite your friends to earn with you, it's easy to do, plus the website is so simple and helps you to quickly understand how it works.

How to earn money on Idle Empire

Is Idle Empire legit?

Yes,it is completely a trusted and a legit site and we got you the proof, we even here in Viral UAE used it ourselves and tried it, the website is working since 2015, and it's always been honest. Check the two links below to see users review about Idle Empire.
People's opinion on Reddit.
People's opinion on Trust Pilot

Idle Empire reviews

How to get paid?

Once you will reach a specific target, you can exchange the points you earned to real money, and choose one of many withdrawal options provided by the website, rather it's cash to your PayPal wallet, Gift Cards, or Gaming goods, the decision is yours.

So what are you waiting for, click on the image bellow and start earning.

Side Note: If you want to transfer the money you earned on the website to your local bank account anywhere, you can choose to be paid by PayPal gift card (You should have a PayPal Account), link your Debit/Credit Card to your PayPal account, then withdraw the balance that you have on PayPal to you Debit/Credit Card, that way you will get the money on your local bank, it takes few days, but it works.
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