3 days in the company of superheroes and gamers


3 days in the company of superheroes and gamers

3 days in the company of superheroes and gamers
3 days in the company of superheroes and gamers
Today, the activities of "Comic Con Dubai" exhibition will be launched in Dubai, with a new version, which will be celebrated, as usual, with fun and distinguished events, which appeal to fans of movies and electronic games from within the UAE and abroad.

"Comic Con" is one of the oldest and most famous art and entertainment exhibitions, and it represents a platform that brings together superheroes, directors, cartoon fans, science fiction movies and comics. The festival takes place at the Dubai World Trade Center, and lasts three days.


In each of the previous seasons, the exhibition presented new and innovative events, including the superhero fancy dress competition, which is one of the most interesting paragraphs of the exhibition, and this competition is a preliminary regional tour of the world summit in the cosplay or fancy dress competition, and the participants will have the opportunity to wear fancy dress for their favorite superheroes. From comics, cartoons, and electronic games, from the Marvel movie world, DC, and other superhero movies.

Film fans are waiting for the effectiveness of the stars square, where they meet with international stars in the cinematic and entertainment world and take memorial photos with them, making it one of the most prominent events of the festival.

The Walk of Artists

The exhibition also includes another event that many fans of superheroes are waiting for, as visitors will have the opportunity to obtain a picture or signature of the most famous and prominent manga comic artist, in addition to purchasing a collection of exclusive artwork. The e-Champions arena event allows you to compete in a group of famous electronic games, where you have to demonstrate your skills and abilities to defeat competitors.


The exhibition presents a set of workshops and seminars that help in understanding the nature of fictional filmmaking, animation and pictorial stories, and will be organized during the festival's days, including "The Image of the Nation", and during this workshop, the Executive Film Director Talal Al-Asmani provides a set of tips and steps that help in telling stories The pictorial and its fundamentals, while the “Bad guys workshop” includes steps to create a sinister character for the storyboard, and Yasser Ali Rida and Zaid Adham show in the beginning of the journey workshop in writing and drawing comics, their inspiring stories in the world of comic book writing, in addition to a competition for the best comic story.

In the superhero clothing design workshop, designer Caffeine Lam offers fabric printing and superhero clothing design methods, and he was mentioned as the owner of Spider-Man suit design in the penultimate season. A caricature workshop provides steps and tips to help you draw cartoon characters, and distinguish between distortion and exaggeration in drawing, and the event includes another group of useful and distinctive workshops, including the "Sofy Chan" workshop in which the author of the series "Ocean of Secrets" published by the "Tokyo Pop" magazine Her story, and displays her work to encourage all participants to start drawing, in addition to a game journalism workshop to explain the components of writing about video games as useful content, and the "Medfire" workshop on publishing comics over the Internet, and many other workshops.

the party

The concert event combines a group of live concerts, fun shows and competitions, and it is one of the most popular activities of Comic Con Dubai, which witnesses a mass audience, and the audience will enjoy

Watching the most beautiful comic strips and animations of superheroes during the theater event, in addition to motivational seminars organized by the theater as well.


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