Is Mo Salah infected by Coronavirus?


Is Mo Salah infected by Coronavirus?

Is Mo Salah infected by Coronavirus?
Is Mo Salah infected by Coronavirus?

British media confirmed that the Egyptian Liverpool player Mohamed Salah, and several of his colleagues were among those suspected of being infected with the new Coronavirus "Covid-19" after isolating five Bournemouth club members, including the goalkeeper Artur Boruc.

Bournemouth put its goalkeeper Artur Boruc and four others from the technical staff in isolation, after symptoms of the Corona virus appeared in the past hours.

The Daily Mail confirmed that it was possible that the Bournemouth keeper and the other four individuals had transmitted the infection of the Coronavirus to Salah and his colleagues, especially since the last game for Liverpool in the Premier League was against Bournemouth and during which Artur Boruc appeared with the other four in the stadium, which ended in favor of the Reds 2-1.

Mohamed Salah had exchanged talks with the Bournemouth goalkeeper as they were leaving the field after the end of the first half.

So what do you think? Does Mo Salah have Coronavirus?


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