Mobi-mart .. A mobile store from Carrefour in Dubai


Mobi-mart .. A mobile store from Carrefour in Dubai

Mobi-mart .. A mobile store from Carrefour in Dubai
Mobi-mart .. A mobile store from Carrefour in Dubai

The Carrefour store chain, which is managed by the Majid Al Futtaim Company in the UAE, announced yesterday the launch of the first mobile store in the country called "Mobi-Mart", allowing consumers to shop their needs in neighborhoods and apartment blocks in an innovative way.

She explained, in statements to «Emirates Today» on the sidelines of the initial launch of the store at the headquarters of the publishing sector at Dubai Media Corporation, that «Moby Mart» is an equipped bus that will launch its flights, physically, next week in Dubai markets only, pointing to the development of the store's work systems continuously.

"Carrefour" added that the mobile store will operate in its beginning in two stages: the first during the next week days through two locations in the Jebel Ali Free Zone and the Akoya region, while the store will be directed during the weekend in the Akoya and Maras Kite Beach areas. ».

She added that the second phase of the project will start on March 15, and includes the days of the week in the regions: "Akoya 1", the free zone of Jebel Ali, and the "field" near the residence of "Emirates Airlines", Dubai Internet City, Al-Rahaba, and Dubai Sports City, And "Victory Heights". "Carrefour" confirmed that the circle of areas that the store will visit in the future will be expanded, and the daily path for it and the map of the areas in which it will be found will be expanded through Carrefour's social networking pages.

"Carrefour" mentioned that the mobile store will include vegetables, fruits and fresh food, organic and frozen food products, snacks, drinks, household items, and basic consumer and food products. The store will be continuously provided with products that suit the additional needs of each region it passes through.

She pointed out that the total area of ​​Mobi-Mart is 29 square meters, while its length is 11.2 meters, and its width is 2.6 meters, a height of 3.6 meters.

And «Carrefour» explained that the mobile store is equipped with mechanisms suitable for entering and leaving wheelchairs, to serve the consumers of determination and the elderly.

Creative experience

Philip Begion, director of «Carrefour Emirates» at Majid Al Futtaim Retail, said that the MobyMart experience reflects an innovative and seamless shopping experience for shoppers, by providing Carrefour services near shoppers ’homes.

He explained that the "Mobi-Mart" was developed by the emerging company "Facebook Trailer", which is based in Dubai.

Is this because of the Corona Virus?


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