Ministry Of Education wants the spring break to start early this year because of COVID-19


Ministry Of Education wants the spring break to start early this year because of COVID-19

Ministry Of Education wants the spring break to start early this year because of COVID-19
Ministry Of Education wants the spring break to start early this year because of COVID-19 

The Ministry of Education announced the the start of an emergency early spring break, for all school students and all governmental and private higher education institutions at the state level starting from next Sunday, for a period of 4 weeks in the framework of preventive and precautionary steps to ensure the preservation of students ’safety and in line with efforts and measures taken at the national level, aimed at reducing the spread of corona virus (Covid-19).

The ministry said in a statement that this decision is in the interest of students, and it comes as a proactive step that is in line with the developments related to facing crises and natural disasters, and providing the highest standards of public safety in the school community, as well as in various institutions of higher education.

The ministry confirmed in its statement that, according to this decision, the spring vacation has been offered to students of schools that were to start on March 29 this year until April 12 and instead begin next Sunday with the distance learning initiative to be implemented in the last two weeks From leave and thus ensuring the continuity of the educational process at home, and without prejudice to the number of school days.

The Ministry stated that the interest of students requires taking this action, and in this regard, it was ensured that all the preceding steps were taken, to ensure the progress of the distance learning process, as this initiative was applied in a pilot manner, and the educational field was prepared, including students, teachers, administrators and parents for this process that It has proven its efficiency, effectiveness and efficacy.

In the statement, the Ministry indicated that, according to the decision, it was left to schools and private higher education institutions to activate procedures to ensure the continuity of distance learning, according to what is followed by plans in such circumstances, taking into account the arrangement of benefits related to the conduct of the educational process based on the controls and procedures in place with them Which guarantees the best learning standards are met.

She stressed that she will take advantage of this period to carry out continuous cleansing and cleaning operations for school facilities, universities, and school buses, taking into account all other considerations that ensure the provision of an ideal and healthy educational environment so as to contribute to the bottom line in applying the global health requirements and precautions necessary, especially those related to avoiding the Corona virus .

In its statement, the Ministry called for the necessity of investing the leave in an optimal way, and for parents to make sure their children commit to practicing distance learning, in the last two weeks of the leave, and to provide support, encouragement, and close monitoring.

The Ministry of Education had previously implemented the distance learning initiative in a experimental way to confront the crises and natural disasters that could arise in the various governmental schools of the country, through the use of the smart learning portal, to achieve the requirements of the Emirati school, and to ensure the continuation of the learning process without any difficulties As distance learning is a method of self-learning, which leads to strengthening the open education system and ensuring its continuity.

The Ministry directed the school administrations to implement an awareness program on distance education for all the targeted groups, which is represented by parents, students, teachers and administrators, with the publication of the tasks assigned to each class and directing those concerned to enter the training platform to see how to implement interactive lessons for distance education, and ensure electronic devices Finding alternative solutions in cooperation with parents, the quality of activating distance education for students through follow-up on the smart learning portal, and monitoring the extent of the commitment of teachers to activate distance education during the time period specified for the concurrent classrooms in me Teachers and students.

She also called on parents to achieve the readiness of the appropriate educational environment for students at home by providing the appropriate place, providing the Internet and the general appearance of students, as well as providing an electronic device for use in distance education (computers - tablets - smart phone) and encouraging students to practice distance learning through While making sure to complete all educational lessons, and obligating their students' students to the allocated time according to the approved schedule of the school for the study subjects, in addition to adhering to the general policy for the use of educational devices during distance education (by not photographing at all Direct broadcast).

The Ministry stated that in the event of any challenges or difficulties facing teachers or students, they can contact with technical support on 06-7017000 or via this website [email protected]

She pointed out that the application of the distance education system is a priority for the ministry for many considerations, as the ministry worked to provide an interactive electronic platform for effective distance learning, which contributes to achieving a set of goals represented in making the door open for everyone to learn, and overcoming the time barrier, and the barrier Geography, making use of qualified educational energies, modern techniques in the educational process, and reducing student pressure on educational institutions to face crises and natural disasters.


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