TIMELINE: Coronavirus.. The 100 days that changed the world


TIMELINE: Coronavirus.. The 100 days that changed the world

TIMELINE: Coronavirus.. The 100 days that changed the world
TIMELINE: Coronavirus.. The 100 days that changed the world

Nearly 100 days changed the world, in economics, medicine, and everyday life, until everyone lived in a way that they probably hadn't been used to before.

There are no meetings, gatherings and events, and most countries have closed their borders, so the movement of travel no longer exists, and life has become almost stagnant for some.

The virus has killed more than 82,000 people worldwide, and about 1.4 million infections worldwide.

We review for you 100 days that the world lived with the new Coronavirus "Covid-19", according to official statements and international news agencies:

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December 31, 2019

The Chinese authorities have informed the World Health Organization of a new disease spreading in the Wuhan City seafood market, affecting 27 people and killing seven patients in critical condition.

January 8

Chinese television has begun to determine the possible cause of the new virus, but scientists then believed that the risk of infection was still low.

January 11

The first person to have died from the virus has been identified, a 61-year-old man who lives in Wuhan with "serious" health problems.

January 20

The first signs of the virus spreading with the reported cases appeared in Beijing, Shenzhen, Thailand and Japan.

January 22

Wuhan has implemented travel bans on flights, trains, and bus lines.

January 30

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti announced the registration of the first two confirmed cases of the Coronavirus on the country's territory.

January 31

Coronavirus reaches about 18 countries around the world, and infections are growing faster.

The Egyptian government responded to the rumors circulating in the country, and Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly confirmed that the country has taken a series of precautionary measures and preventive measures to prevent Coronavirus leakage into the country via arrivals from abroad.

He pointed out that the maximum degree of readiness has been raised in all quarantine departments at the various entry points to the country (air, sea and land).

Italy also declared a state of emergency against the background of the new Coronavirus, and the government stated that this decision came to accelerate efforts to prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus.

February 3

The number of deaths in China has risen to 361, and the number of injuries has reached 17,205, and the Chinese authorities have accused the United States of deliberately spreading the exaggerated mass panic, after Washington began to partially withdraw its employees at the Chinese embassy.

February 14

Egypt announces, in a joint statement with the World Health Organization, the first case of Coronavirus of a foreigner in the country, without further details.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health confirmed that it had taken "strict preventive measures against those in contact with the case through conducting the necessary analyzes, as they were self-isolated in their places of residence as a precautionary measure for 14 days, and the building in which the case was located and those who were in contact with it were sterilized."

February 15

A Chinese court has issued a decision, which intentionally conceals the symptoms of infection with the Coronavirus, or makes false statements related to it, a crime that carries a death sentence.

February 22

China recorded a sharp decline in the number of new deaths and infections with the Coruna virus, while the new virus reached about 26 countries and regions outside the borders of China.

February 26

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia decided to temporarily suspend entry to its lands for the purpose of performing Umrah rituals and to visit the Holy Prophet’s Mosque, while temporarily suspending entry of holders of tourist visas from countries experiencing infection with the Coronavirus.

February 28

The World Health Organization raises the risk of Coronavirus to "very high", after an increased outbreak of the Coronavirus around the world.

Japan announced the death of the first case of Coronavirus, and a British citizen was on board a cruise ship.

In Italy, the number of infection cases has risen to more than 1,000, and 29 deaths.

March 1

Egypt announces the second Coruna case of a foreigner, and was immediately dismissed for health care.

Italy records 1700 cases, and the virus has reached new countries, Ireland and Luxembourg.

March 6

Egypt announces the discovery of 12 cases infected with the new Coronavirus, on board one of the Nile ships coming from Aswan Governorate to Luxor Governorate, and the reason behind the cases was a Taiwanese tourist of American origin on board the ship.

March 10

Chinese President Xi Jinping declares that the outbreak of the new Coronavirus in Hubei Province, the epicenter of its outbreak and its capital, Wuhan, has been "virtually controlled".

March 11

The World Health Organization issued a new resolution, classifying the new Coronavirus "Covid 19" into a "pandemic", ie a global epidemic, after it infected 110 thousand people around the world.

March 15

The Egyptian Ministry of Health has announced that the number of new cases of the newly infected Coronavirus has increased to 110, of which 21 have been cured.

Italy recorded a rise in the number of people infected with the Coronavirus, as it reached 3,509, and the number of 1,809 deaths.

America recorded 3,130 cases of Coronavirus in about 49 states, and deaths reached 61 people.

March 21

The number of injured people in Egypt increased to 294, and the number of deaths reached 10.

While Italy recorded the highest mortality rate in the world due to the Coronavirus, with a total death toll of 3405 cases, which is more than that recorded by China, which started the epidemic.

March 26

Dr. Tariq Shawqi, Minister of Education and Technical Education, announced the cancellation of preparatory certificate exams, and the replacement of the second semester of a research project.

March 27

The United States has become the world's No. 1 worldwide in infections, overtaking China, after 81,836 cases were recorded in the country.

April 2

A French official accuses the USA of purchasing a shipment of masks from China that were directed to France three times its price.

April 3

Egypt is close to the need of a thousand injured, after recording the total number of injured in the country rose to 985 cases.

April 4

Officially, Egypt officially exceeded the barrier of a thousand injured, bringing the total number of cases to 1070 people, of whom 241 were recovered and discharged from the isolation hospital, and 71 deaths.

Italy recorded a decrease in the number of patients under intensive care due to their infection with the new Coronavirus, in a first precedent since the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic, and recorded at the same time 681 new deaths, bringing the total deaths to 15362.

April 8

Egypt extends Coronavirus prevention measures and changes to the ban on movement on public roads, from eight in the evening until six in the morning the following day.

The United States has recorded about two thousand deaths, and about 30 thousand cases of Coronavirus during the past 24 hours, in the highest daily toll in the world since the spread of the epidemic.

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