8 Dangerous phone Apps that it's better for you to delete them RIGHT NOW


8 Dangerous phone Apps that it's better for you to delete them RIGHT NOW

8 Dangerous phone Apps that it's better for you to delete them RIGHT NOW
8 Dangerous phone Apps that it's better for you to delete them RIGHT NOW

We all know that some apps can eat up your phone`s storage or battery, or some of them can be even worst and automatically charge you money, collect your debit or credit card data, share your personal information... Dozens of hazardous apps appear on the App markets a day, so many App that not even Google Play or the App Store can track them down immediately. So, the security of your devices and personal information is usually in your hands.

Here at Viral UAE we are very concerned about cybersecurity and need to feel safe using our smartphones. That’s why we’ve prepared an inventory of apps that are better to delete them from your phone as soon as possible.

1 - Fast charge apps
Fast Charging Apps

There are countless apps that promise you they will speed up the method of charging your phone. the very fact is: nothing (including the apps) can charge your phone faster than the default setting allows. These apps are just tricky, with an endless stream of ads that sometimes appears even if the phone's screen is locked.

2 - Wi-Fi apps
Some Wi-fi Apps

You need to be careful with free Wi-Fi apps that claim to supply you with a map of Wi-Fi hotspots, free Wi-Fi passwords and network protection... it had been discovered that a number of them are often stealing your personal data, including your debit or credit card information.

3 - Music players from unknown developers

Some Music Players

Aside from causing an enormous battery drain, saving music within the cache, eating up your phone’s storage, and supplying you with ads as a “bonus,” little-known music apps may be harmful for your phone because they could have built-in viruses and hacker codes that copy takes your personal data.

4 - Location trackers

Location Trackers

Apps that ask to access your location not only significantly shorten your phone’s battery life, but may also use or sell your personal data. Navigation apps, delivery apps, games like Pokémon Go, and even some social media apps track your location. Take an instant to look through the apps that access your location and take away the unnecessary ones. And for those apps that you simply use, you'll check the terms of use within the application settings and prohibit access to your location, as it’s shown below.

5 - Apps with privacy issues

Privacy Access

There are plenty of apps on the market that ask you to grant access to your number, contacts, text messages, photos, location, etc. most well liked social media apps have access to your personal data without you even realizing it. So pay extra attention when installing a brand new little-known app that needs access to your personal data. you'll also check those settings within the app manager.

6 - Built-in browsers

Unsafe Browsers

Built-in browsers are often pre-installed, they sometimes open automatically once you click a link. These programs don't guarantee personal data protection or protection against viruses and that they significantly hamper your phone’s OS.

7 - Pointless apps

Useless Apps

Let`s be honest, everyone has those apps that they haven’t opened for a while or maybe those apps that were forgotten immediately after downloading. It’s no secret that too many apps on a phone make the battery life shorter, slow down the system, and, generally , are very distracting. So take a moment and get rid of those ones that you just don’t use!

8 - Free games

Free Games Without Purchase

Game development costs plenty in terms of cash and effort, so if you discover a free game, keep in mind that developers either added tons of advertising to the app (which is typically saved to cache and eats up your device’s storage) or there’s an opportunity that they could steal then sell your personal information. So if you actually want to download a game app, ensure it’s well-known or read the user agreement.

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