Bankiom Bank, a new alternative of PayPal Made In Dubai | How To Join


Bankiom Bank, a new alternative of PayPal Made In Dubai | How To Join

Bankiom Bank, a new alternative of PayPal Made In Dubai | How To Join
Bankiom Bank, a new alternative of PayPal Made In Dubai | How To Join

A new kind of Banks saw light recently in The Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, this new bank is called Bankiom, it's promoted as a digital bank, or as they like to call it "Bankiom, a digital bank for millennials and mobile natives".

The idea of Bankiom is to make it more easy for you as a costumer to use it and access to it, Bankiom wants to provide you with a secure and helpful online banking experience that offers practical financial solutions, as well as help you to manage your account in a new way.

Bankiom Dubai
Bankiom Dubai, a brand new digital bank.

The bank Bankiom claims that it's different than all the other banks, while the others are not on the costumers side – with all the hidden fees, long queues and holds, and all the unnecessary products, Bankiom claims that banks have made it harder for it's costumers to get ahead. That's why Bankiom came and built a financial services company you’ll want to be a part of. One that works for you and puts your needs first. And want you to to join a financial services provider that believes in you, grows with you and secures your financial future.

The new digital bank Bankiom also made it so easy to open a bank account, not like all the other banks, it will take you just 3 minutes or less to open an account, and directly from your phone, which means  no paperwork, no credit checks, no fuss. Bankiom also on it's app will let you to stay on top of your money, by Track your spending and create a budget. Set up reminders to keep you ahead on your bills, and receive tips on how to best reduce fees and avoid needless expenses. You can also set your financial priorities, and Bankiom will help you reach your wealth-building goals faster and smarter.

The bank Bankiom is now giving a chance to sign up and join the early access, this will allow us to:

- Use the card anywhere and Bankiom won’t even charge you for withdrawals.

Bankiom charges 1 Euro a month, but for the first few beta members their current account with Bankiom is completely free.

- Enjoy added peace of mind with our advanced instant notification features whenever you send or receive money.

- Instantly add money to your account right from your phone or quickly top up at the Post Office and dedicated local Paypoint locations.

- No waiting in line, no complicated steps, send money right from your phone 24/7 to anyone anywhere.

To join Bankiom simply click on this link: Bankiom, Enter your name and Email and Voila, you're good to go.

The Bank Bankiom was founded by Danny Alba, and here's his LinkedIn, down below is a video of him in FiNext Conference Dubai 2020, talking more about Bankiom:

Tell us down below what do you think about this new Bank, will Bankiom success in The Emirate od Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the rest of the word.

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