US President Trump recommends Americans wear masks outdoors


US President Trump recommends Americans wear masks outdoors

American President Trump recommends Americans wear masks outdoors
American President Trump recommends Americans wear masks outdoors

Scientists working in the US government have estimated that the emerging Coronavirus will inevitably spread between people when they speak or breathe. And according to that, the authorities have officially recommended that Americans should cover their faces when they leave their homes to contribute to a stronger containment of the epidemic.

The measure was announced by US President Donald Trump on Friday evening, stressing that the measure is only a recommendation and not mandatory. Health authorities are asking residents to cover their faces with hand-made masks and scarves or a head scarf, with the aim of keeping medical masks to health teams working in disease control only, since there's a lack of this equipment.

In New York, the mayor had previously asked residents to cover their faces when leaving the house. Since Friday, half of Manhattan's started doing it.

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a member of the White House staff on the emerging Coronavirus, who meets an hour daily with Trump, told Fox News about some data indicating that “the virus can actually pass between people who are just talking, and not only when they cough or sneeze.”

Several studies have shown that people without symptoms transmitted infection to people close to them in the church or choir, or during a singing lesson and in nursing homes.

The American Academy of Sciences said in a message that contains four studies, addressed to the White House on Wednesday, that the virus is transmitted through the air from breathing, and not only through the drops caused by coughing or sneezing near one of them.

"The current research work available supports the possibility that the SARS-Covid-2 virus is transmissible through vital air molecules generated directly from the exhalation of patients," wrote Harvey Weinberg, chair of the Emerging Infectious Diseases Committee.

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