Research Laboratory in Dubai: Corona infects cats but dogs are safe


Research Laboratory in Dubai: Corona infects cats but dogs are safe

Research Laboratory in Dubai: Corona infects cats but dogs are safe
Research Laboratory in Dubai: Corona infects cats but dogs are safe

Dr. Abel Ulrich Wernberry the scientific director of the Zabeel Research Laboratory, recently confirmed that it was scientifically proven that Coronavirus can be transmitted to cats, and also the possibility of the spread between cats from one to another, but until now it has not yet been proven that the infection can transmit from cats to humans, although this is possible and studied, and may happen as a result of the direct approach to cats made by humans, Dr. Abel Ulrich Wernberry warned people to not kiss their pets as they normally do, especially cats.

In a discussion session organized by the Dubai Police General Department of Organization Protective Security and Emergency about the risks of Covid-19 transmission to pets, Dr. Abel Ulrich Wernberry said that it had not yet been proven that the dogs could be infected with the Coronavirus, although it was found some of Coronavirus on the fur of a dog, which was likely due to its approach to affected person.

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In detail, Dr. Abel Ulrich Wernberry said that recent research has proven that different cat species are more susceptible to infection with the Coronavirus, he also added that all pet owners need to clean the surfaces and floors well because it is very likely that the pet will pick up the virus with his feet while walking on those surfaces, and then lick it with his tongue while cleaning himself, and then get infected with the virus and become a carrier of the infection.

Dr. Wernberry added that an infected tiger was discovered in the Bronx Zoo in New York, and it was proven that some famous mink animals were infected by their fur, which indicates the possibility of different types of animals and this may lead to the development of other types of Coronavirus Covid-19, and then transmit it since it was originally transmitted from an animal to a human being in the beginning, Wuhan remember? so be careful.

Dr. Wernberry pointed out that it is difficult until now to monitor the symptoms, that indicate the infection of the animal with the virus in light of the world's concern for human symptoms, and it is too early to talk about tests for them at the present time, but there is no doubt that this will happen once the relative control of the spread of the Coronavirus.

Dr. Wernberry also explained that the virus can stay in the animal for up to 8 days, so any pets, especially cats, should be isolated if it is suspected of having the virus by monitoring any changes to it or a rise in its temperature, to avoid infecting others.

Dr. Wernberry finally stressed that a vaccine that protects animals from the Coronavirus will be developed, once a vaccine for humans is found, indicating that a lot of information is still a mystery regarding this virus, so care and safety precautions must be taken, in addition to the need for countries to develop their health system, noting the flexibility of the health system in the Emirate of Dubai and the whole Seven Emirates of UAE and its rapid response, whether by conducting an international examination rate, or by providing the necessary facilities for treatment and isolation.


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